Design of communication tools and supports :

  • Design and printing of display products.
  • Design of TV, radio and internet societal and/or humanitarian spots.
  • Design of leaflets and video business cards.

Design of your strategy :

  • Design of strategic communication plan.
  • Design of strategic awareness plan.
  • Design of strategic mobilization plan.

Customized workshops :

  • Awareness techniques.
  • The art of expressing yourself with ease in public.
  • Advocacy and lobbying writing.
  • Techniques for building a societal marketing plan (by video-conference).

Management of humanitarian, charitable, philanthropic and sporting events :

  • Design and development of the event formula.
  • Financial planning.
  • Research and management of suppliers (human resources, hotels, halls, caterers, technical and technological equipment, etc.).
  • Planning and management of the assembly and dismantling of the event site.

Independent services :

  • Outreach or field information officers (national level).
  • Catering (lunch boxes; cocktails and dinners; stations and buffets).
  • Human, material and financial intermediation (in collaboration with the XPR-MAN Canada group).